Gender Reassignment Board

Birth Certificate

If you are successful in your application and receive a recognition certificate, you must wait one month before you apply for a new birth certificate.

If the Attorney General appeals against the granting of your recognition certificate, you cannot apply unless and until the appeal is finalised in your favour.

You apply for a new birth certificate by producing your recognition certificate to the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages and completing the BDM500 - Application to register change of sex of adult form

The contact details for the Registrar, Births Deaths and Marriages are:

Registrar, Births Deaths and Marriages
Level 10
141 St Georges Terrace
Cloisters Square


Registrar, Births Deaths and Marriages
PO Box 7720

Telephone: 1300 305 021
Fax: (08) 9264 1599

The Registrar must accept your certificate, and then register your reassignment of gender. The Registrar must make alterations and entries on any register or index kept by his or her office so as to give effect to your new gender. A new birth certificate can then be issued, and that new certificate will show that at the time of birth you were born in your new gender. No reference is made to your old gender.

The fee for an application to amend the register and for the issue of a new birth certificate is set out on the form or you can telephone the Registry on 1300 305 021.

Last updated: 15-Jun-2021

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