Gender Reassignment Board

At the Board meeting

The Board's meetings are held at the offices of the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) at 565 Hay Street, Perth. The Board is not part of SAT. However, SAT staff provide administrative support to the Board. Your name is not made public in any way and is not put on SAT's daily list of cases.

You will be informed of the time and place of the Board meeting so you can attend. The application form gives you the opportunity to indicate whether you will be attending. If you change your mind about your attendance, you can simply advise the Executive Officer of that fact.

The Board will be made up of the President and at least two other members.

The Board’s procedure is informal. It is not a court. The meetings are not taped and they are not open to the public. The Attorney General can send a representative or a lawyer on his or her behalf. The Attorney General is allowed to make submissions to the Board on whether your application should be allowed.

Most of the information which the Board needs will already be in your application form and supporting documents. You may speak about your application if you wish. The Board members may have some questions for you. If you are successful in your application, the Board may be able to advise you of that fact and issue the recognition certificate immediately.

What if my application is refused?

You have the right to appeal against the Board’s decision to refuse to issue a recognition certificate. The appeal must be made to the State Administrative Tribunal. The appeal must be lodged within 28 days.

For information on how to appeal to SAT, the contact details are:

State Administrative Tribunal
565 Hay Street
Telephone: (08) 9219 3111
Regional Callers: 1300 306 017

Alternatively, application forms can be created by using the ‘SAT Wizard’.

You may also reapply for a recognition certificate at a later date if your circumstances change or additional documentation is produced.

Last updated: 30-Sep-2020

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