How to apply

You must lodge your application by filling out the application form and posting it or delivering it in person to the Executive Officer.

If you need to make your application by fax or email with attachments, you must first contact the Board who will advise whether this can be done in your particular case and what, if any, requirements there are for confidentiality and verification purposes.

You will need to attach to your application form original and certified copies of the following documents:

The fee to apply for a certificate must be paid when you apply. The current fee is on the application form. The fee can be waived in demonstrated cases of hardship.

What if I don’t have all the documentation?

If you do not have all the documentation, you will still be able to apply for a recognition certificate. It is likely that the Board will not issue a recognition certificate unless you attend before the Board and explain in person the reasons for the lack of documentation. It will then be up to the Board to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to issue a recognition certificate.

What happens to my information?

No person connected with the Board is permitted to divulge any information about an application, except as required in the course of that person's official duties.

Last updated: 30-Sep-2020

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