Gender Reassignment Board

What happens next?

Once you have completed your application form and supporting documents, you must serve a copy of the application form on the Attorney General (only the application form). You serve the document by posting them to the office of the Attorney General at:

Attorney General
5th Floor Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
Telephone: (08) 6552 6800

You must provide evidence to the Executive Officer that you have served the application form on the Attorney General. The Board has approved a standard Statutory Declaration form (Western Australia) with some particular wording for this purpose. You can use this form as evidence of service if you wish.

The Board, upon receiving your application form, statutory declaration of service and supporting documents, will create a file and your application will be given a number for administrative purposes.

The Board will check that your application is in order and also, if necessary, request from you any further information or documents that may be required. Your application will then be placed before the Board for a decision at its next meeting. Normally, the Board will meet to consider any application within four weeks of the time it is lodged.

Last updated: 8-Jun-2022

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