Gender Reassignment Board

Who can apply?

Any person who has undergone a reassignment procedure in Western Australia can apply. If the reassignment procedure was carried out outside Western Australia, the person must also satisfy one of two conditions:

  1. that the person must have been born in Western Australia; or
  2. that the person must have been resident in Western Australia for more than 12 months at the time of applying.

If the person seeking the certificate is a child, then the child’s parent or guardian can make the application on the child’s behalf.

Why should I apply?

If you have been successful in your application and you are granted a recognition certificate, then with respect to all matters under the jurisdiction of the State of Western Australia, this certificate officially recognises you as belonging to your new gender. If you were born in Western Australia, you can apply to the Registrar for Births Deaths and Marriages for a new birth certificate and that new birth certificate will show your reassigned gender.

You will also be entitled to protection against discrimination on the basis of your gender history in many areas covered by the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

If you were born in another State, Territory or Country that has similar gender reassignment legislation to Western Australia, then you could possibly also obtain a new birth certificate from that State, Territory or Country.

The laws of that other State, Territory or Country will say whether the Western Australian certificate is able to be recognised there.

Last updated: 30-Sep-2020

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